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1. The Venues

From rustic farmhouses to lodges and villages, the venues in Deep Creek Lake have the ability to accommodate any size of a wedding. Many venues are small businesses and will provide you with a unique, family-like relationship as you prepare for your big day! With so much versatility in Deep Creek Lake, you will be able to find the venue that is right for both the bride and groom as well as the feel that you want for your dream wedding!

2. The Winter Activities

Deep Creek Lake is known for having a variety of seasonal activities. With resorts nearby, there is the ability for guests and the bride and grooms themselves to partake in some winter sports! Skiing, snowboarding, and snow tubing are all available for anyone who may be interested, and lodging for those who are not. Deep Creek Lake also has unique shopping opportunities and even the chance to take your very own sleigh ride pulled by a horse! The wintery activities in Deep Creek Lake also provide great opportunities for photo-ops with snowy trails and a mountain coaster to see the beauty first hand.

3. The Vendors

With so many local businesses, Deep Creek Lake is guaranteed to appease all of your wedding needs. The list of caterers, party rentals, lodging, and entertainment goes on. In a special community like Deep Creek Lake, you will be treated like family!

4. A Local Getaway

Just a short drive from multiple major cities, including DC, Baltimore, and Pittsburgh, Deep Creek Lake is an ideal location for a road trip. Deep Creek Lake will provide you and your guests with the chance to step away from reality and relax in a small nook of Maryland. Not only is this getaway a perfect middle ground for many people, it also allows for your special day to turn into a whole weekend of fun!

5. The Views

Deep Creek Lake has the ability to turn your wedding into a winter wonderland. With snowy trails, frozen lakes and mountaintops of undisturbed beauty, each photograph is destined to have a beautiful backdrop. There is so much to see during a getaway to Deep Creek Lake starting from the moment you arrive.