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We are passionate about making your D.C. wedding seamlessly perfect in every way. Our event planners become dreamweavers as well as true friends to each couple in the process of planning each unique wedding celebration. Clients marvel at the responsiveness and positive, upbeat communication style of each staff member and we are very proud that each of our planners is a true resource and the consummate professional in all aspects of their work.


Colleen has been planning D.C. weddings for well over a decade now. She is a native of the Washington DC. area and her connections with local professionals and her intimate knowledge of the wedding planning industry enable her to expertly guide couples to the exact vendors they need to make their dream wedding. Her perfect blend of friendliness and professionalism is well-known and makes her the go to Washington DC wedding coordinator for engaged couples in the D.C. area looking for a fabulous affair with peace of mind.

“The smiles on the faces of our couples after a successful wedding are what truly inspire me in this work!”



Ariel Kahan

Super organized. Encouraging. Helpful. Positive. Great communication skills.

Our clients describe working with Ariel as a fantastic experience. She is always one step ahead in the details and smooths out any bumps with the vendors so the bride and groom stay out of it! There is no room for stress when Ariel is on the job.

Yvi Cirillo

Warm. Instills confidence. Easy to talk to. Responsive. Took care of everything

Clients who work with Yvi describe a stress free experience of feeling like she’s got everything under control. No worries with Yvi on the task. She makes fairytale weddings into reality.



Experience effortless wedding planning with Colleen O’Neil and her team

We are ready to take your ideas and dreams and transform them into the wedding you always imagined.

Let us use our intimate knowledge and experience in the D.C. wedding industry to find the creative professionals who will actualize your ideas.

Contrary to popular opinion, planning a wedding does not have to be stressful. We will deal with the details, so you can truly enjoy and celebrate with your loved ones and make priceless memories together for always.

100% 5 Star Reviews

Read what our satisfied clients have to say about their fantastic experiences with our Washington, DC wedding planners. The common theme is that they all felt supported and taken care of by our dedicated organizational experts who were not only super responsive and always one step ahead of them in the details, but who truly cared about them and the smooth execution of their special day.


My husband and I said SEVERAL times how having Colleen by our side as a Day Of Planner was way beyond worth the money spent. If I have one recommendation for any newly engaged couples, it’s have a day of planner. And if you’re in the DC area… have it be Colleen. From the beginning just getting coffee with us and helping us start the process or planning, to every living detail of the day of… I can’t imagine our big day without her. She was immensely professional. So sweet and caring; yet I knew she’d get done what needed to be done. She’s no pushover! Monthly emails and check ins were lovely and kept us on track. But then the month leading up to the wedding, Colleen took everything off my plate and handled all the logistics and vendors and timelines.

So, so valuable. Thank you for everything you did! We’ll both never stop raving about you. 🙂



O’Neil Events came highly recommended to us by our caterer, and hiring them was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding!  Yvi & Colleen were both responsive via email and easy to work with. The month of our wedding, Yvi took everything over and was positively wonderful! She contacted all of my vendors and was able to coordinate things behind the scenes that I didn’t even know about.  The day of the wedding, she met us at the hotel to check on everyone, took care of personal flower delivery, and made sure everyone was exactly where they needed to be. If anything went wrong, I was completely oblivious to it because Yvi handled it all! She was organized and on top of everything that day and helped to create the fairy tale I had dreamed of!

If there’s one piece of advice I will give to any future bride who asks, it is the value of hiring an excellent day-of-coordinator. Our wedding party and families (as well as us) were able to just relax and enjoy taking in the entire day with the knowledge that Yvi had everything handled. I definitely gained a new friend through the experience!



From the minute we met our wedding coordinator, we knew she would be our biggest ally on our wedding day. But we owe her a debt of gratitude for just how much she did — before, during, and after. Everything we conceptualized came to fruition because of her, and never did we feel like we were flying solo. She championed our whims while making sure everything was practical and achievable.

We were in such caring, diligent hands, even when it came to things we forgot… from simple oversights like needing extra escort card holders, which she spent her own time buying for us, to the complex, when a family member made a spontaneous and bizarre request during the dinner toasts, Ariel handled everything with ease, grace, and most incredibly, a smile on her face. She kept everyone in line from start to finish, vendors and family members and the bridal party. Her energy, her excitement, her sheer passion for what she does helped us create and execute a truly perfect day.




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