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If you love everything as organized as we do, you will love using Quickbooks to keep track of your wedding budget. It is the most comprehensive wedding budget spreadsheet you will find out there!

Wedding planning budget advice

We use it for business and have also used QuickBooks it to help our clients keep track of their wedding budget. It replaces the old fashion excel spreadsheet into a program that keeps track of everything in real time and bonus; it has an app as well so you can always be up to date.

How can you use Quickbooks as your wedding budget spreadsheet? Here are some easy to follow recommendations.


An excellent feature of Quickbooks is you can link bank accounts. You can add more than one bank account if needed. Many couples open up a bank account or savings account that is used exclusively for wedding purchases. It is an easy way to keep track of everything going out and coming in (ha). Even if you don’t have a bank account dedicated to the wedding, you can use this feature. With any deposit or purchase, you can categorize as personal (disregarding for your budget/reports) or business (aka wedding related). Linking bank accounts makes it easy to see the total of what you have to spend, who you have already paid and how much you have left in the budget.


Quickbooks is easy to access from anywhere. Using Excel to keep track of your wedding budget spreadsheet is certainly do-able, but what happens when you are not in front of your computer looking at the information. You can access QuickBooks online and every better with their app. So if you are running around, you can still see your wedding numbers without having to wait or search. You can also update information on the go. So all of the information is truly real time.


Creating a perfect wedding budget spreadsheet on your own becomes timely and overwhelming and are you going to stick to it and keep track of everything? Are you going to remember to write down every purchase you make? Sure the big purchases are going to be easy, but what about the smaller ones? Quickbooks makes it easy to organize everything, in fact, it almost makes you organize everything and stay on track.


Using the QuickBooks invoice feature, you can keep track of your contracts, what you have paid, and what you still owed. You can use the invoices almost in reverse, so setting it up like you are sending the vendor an invoice. By doing so, you can keep track of the payments you have made and keep track of the dates and amounts you owe next. You can even set QuickBooks up to send you reminders about payments.


You can create a category for each of your vendors and budget items. By doing so, you can click on the vendor to see how much you have paid and making sure you are still in the budget window for that vendor category.


Using Quickbooks as your wedding budget spreadsheet isn’t going to cost you more than one days worth of coffee. In fact, if you use our link here¬†you will get 50% off! That is huge for what resource you are getting in return.

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