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Many couples are finding that buying their alcohol is an easy DIY wedding planning task and may help control the cost, especially if you or have a friend who works in the restaurant or alcohol industry. But when you go to make the purchase, you will be at a loss of how much to buy and how much of what things to buy.  The store should be able to help you, but be an educated buyer before you start talking money.
Bonus: you get to keep the leftovers!

How much booze should you buy for a wedding or special event

If you have heavier drinkers or lighter drinks, make adjustments accordingly. Also, if you are having a specialty cocktail, keep the updated proportions in mind when going to buy the alcohol. You will need at least 2 more bottles of whatever alcohol is in your specialty cocktail. They tend to become a popular drink throughout the night as people want to get into the theme and fun of your wedding!

Don’t forget it takes much more than just alcohol to stock your bar. You will also need mixers, such as tonic, club soda, and other sodas or juices. You will also need garnishments and keep in mind; your specialty cocktail will most likely have a special garnishment. The bar will also need certain tools such as shakers or strainers. Either make sure you provide the tools or ask other wedding vendors!

How much booze to buy for a 100 person event or wedding

You can always ask your caterer to help with some of the bar add-ons needed. Especially ask about the ice. They will need ice for their own purposed and better them than you lugging all of that ice around! The cost won’t be much different than if you bought it for yourself. You caterer should also be aware of what you plan on serving so they are prepared with the correct amounts of drinkware. And don’t forget to tip everyone! Here is a simple and easy to follow wedding vendor tipping cheat sheet!

If you are looking for more specific numbers, here is a helpful drink calculator we have used in the past: http://www.evite.com/pages/party/drink-calculator

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