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I have been using Honeybook for over a year now. I like to vet anything that I am going to recommend thoroughly. Overall my experience has been a positive one, and I would recommend any wedding vendor look into Honeybook to help organize your wedding life! In this blog, I went through the pros and cons and below is my official Honeybook review!

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The perks section is a new section of Honeybook I have just found. By using Honeybook, you get extra discounts and deals on other products such as zenfolio and matchology. I can’t wait to start taking advance of some of these perks.


The most significant thing that drew me to Honeybook was the community. It is my understanding, that is the basis of Honeybook. You don’t even have to leave the website to get involved with your local wedding community. You can ask for help, referrals or suggestions form others in the community without posting it out for clients or potential clients to see. It is almost like a private community that is there to support each other. There is also a great Honeybook facebook group that I joined. Yes, sometimes it can be users with problems, but even when it does involve issues, the Honeybook team is so quick to respond in such a positive way.

Constant Improvement

I have found continuous improvement and working toward making Honeybook as much of an asset for all different types of wedding vendors. The team is always open to suggestions on how to make it more user friends and what adds on would make a difference in our productivity.

Not Planner Specific

One downside is this product is that isn’t solely made for wedding planners. The tool I had been using previously is made for wedding planners. It did have some specific tools, like a budget tracker, that was useful for my clients. As I said, I do see the improvements and additions Honeybook keeps making, so I hang on to the hope that they will keep adding some tools that will help me!


One area I know Honeybook is working on is the email part. Once you add a client to the event, they can see whatever you put up there. That just means you have to be careful and cognizant of what emails you are sending and what you are posting on each event. I do like that my clients can see what I see in real time, but that also means I need to keep everything buttoned up. Honeybook already added a “private” section where you can put honest notes, but unless it’s in that part, its there for all to see!

It Does the Job

Overall, I am loving Honeybook. It was what I need it to do, and it does it well. I have been using it for over a year and about 15 weddings and haven’t had any big complaints. I like how I can use it either on my computer or on the go, it’s all the same, and the information can travel with me. I recommend it to all

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