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Wedding planners all over are predicting the new wedding trends as the new year begins to set in. Washington DC is at the forefront of these trends, many that follow on the heels of nuances experienced in 2018 in several different ways.


Let’s begin with gowns. Washington wedding trends will follow the preference of simple, asymmetrical styles with individual touches like polka dots and simple silk fabric inspired by the Duchess of Sussex who opted to forgo the heavy lace of other royal brides past.


Capes are very in vogue and surprisingly even some two piece halter top styles are catching on in popularity. Expect to see more minimalistic designs with comfort and practicality of major consideration. Pockets feature on selected styles so the bride can carry a few valuable essentials with her throughout the festivities. Rumor has it that Metallic wedding dresses are also on the horizon, he adds, meaning bold, brassy and literally golden gowns could soon be ‘the thing’.

We shall see.


Wedding colors are moving away from traditional whites and have become bolder. Bridesmaids will be in shades of purple-but not one shade only. There is a trend toward mixology in color, food and flowers in 2019 that conveys a less formal, more individualistic personal flavor. Couples are ditching vague verbiage when informing guests of the dress code and many are reverting to the more traditional “black tie” terminology.

However, grooms today are not looking quite as formal as in the days of the classic black tuxedo as they continue the mix and match theme that is trending across the country including the nation’s capital of Washington DC. Those that want to keep to the minimalist theme are choosing bespoke suits in rich, dark colors like deep blue or dark green.


Flower arrangements are more soft and natural this year. According to one popular wedding planner, “Weddings in 2019 will continue to feature “earthy” and “nature-inspired elements” like leafy green plants, crystals, and stones, according to Forrest.” Plants in ceramic or wooden boxes will be popular choices for centerpieces. This year we are also seeing the incorporation of pampas grass into the arrangements.  Arrangements are airy and ethereal and  there has been a trend to creatively make use  of such as bold colors, floral hoops, and asymmetrical elements in unique ways.


Barn  and loft type weddings continue to be a Washington wedding trend and there are several venues in the DC area that are perfect for that type of wedding although more toward the industrial style, sleek and open more upscale manner typical of the city. There is Studio 52 that offers a similar modern chic venue for smaller to medium size weddings. Another trendy choice is the Loft at 600, a sleek old/new venue built in the beginning of the 20th century but renovated for modern tastes. It has three floors with high ceilings and windows and can accommodate a variety of themes and up to 120 guests.


Sustainability is an overarching theme in weddings this year. When it comes to food, couples are focusing more on variety and simplicity than in the past. People are more conscious of waste and are creatively choosing food they know their guests will love. Grazing tables will be a popular choice for couples and guests can look forward to snacking on different breads, meats, fruits, nuts, cheeses, chocolates, and more. Couples are choosing to include more memorable interactive food stations into their affair such as popcorn bars, guacamole bars and classic fondue displays.

The last few years couples have chosen cupcakes and doughnuts instead of the more traditional wedding cake. Greatly inspired by the royal wedding once again, the wedding cake is back as a central focus of the dessert ensemble. Naked cakes are on their way out and iced cakes will appear at weddings in Washington DC 2019. Edible wedding momentos are another trend to look out for this year. These feature artisan olive oils, hot sauces and other food related favors.


The overuse of signage is a pet peeve of wedding planners. Hopefully the trend toward personalization and sustainability will influence the number of unnecessary signs used. Couples will personalize their signs more and more this year with creative seating chart displays, light boxes, and letter boards.


Many couples are forgoing the post wedding honeymoon and opting for an “engaged moon” before the wedding. This is a practical consideration since after the heavy spending on the wedding splash, wallets are empty. This way they can have their (wedding) cake and eat it to!


Couples are finding creative ways to incorporate their personal stories and values into their wedding. Along with the theme of sustainability that reflects a couple’s values, wedding planners are seeing more vegan couples want to incorporate their daily lives into the wedding fare. Conscious ceremonies will feature  flowers that can be replanted, organic menus and minimal plastic. This is in part inspired by the Princess Eugenie who recently revealed that her wedding ceremony was 100% plastic free. Royalty has also inspired more charitable giving into the weddings today as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex made a series of charitable donations in honor of their nuptials in lieu of asking for gifts.


Technology promises to play an important role in Washington wedding trends as well. It has already begun. In the real of photography and video, couples are employing video mapping and using drones for memorable snapshots from on high. A GoPro bridal bouquet captures the magic moment from the bride’s vantage point. Selfie sticks and charging stations are a great way to make sure to keep the party going. Some choose a “Periscoper of Honor” (or have one for each part of the evening) to live stream the whole wedding on their phone or tablet.

Whether you are the type to want the latest and greatest or you are an individualist who bucks the trends, hopefully this information is a helpful guide. And if you would like a trusted advisor and resource for navigating the Washington wedding trends for your own upcoming wedding, then O’Neil Events is the address.



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