On Wednesday's we Wear Pink - Resect the Personal Space

"You cannot do that. That is social suicide! You are so lucky you have us to guide you."



I am a big fan of personal space, although people don't always pick up on that.  There was a mom growing up who was about 100 feet tall. She was a close talker and everyone she was talking to ended up being chest high to her. Sure the husbands might have liked that, but I can assure you the other wives did not. It is very distracting and you end up not listening to half of the conversation.

I used to have a co-worker who did not have any respect for personal space. She would come over to my desk and simply put her lap top down in front of me with out asking if I was in the middle of something. Then she would stand right over me as if waiting for me to do whatever she was asking. Do you think actions like that resulted in me working faster? Spoiler alert, it did not.

You need to respect the space of those around you, especially in a business or professional environment. I have friends who are very affectionate people, but I can assure you, when they are in the work environment they are respectful of the space of those around them.  Certainly a different story at the bar, but that's a different blog post.