On Wednesdays we Wear Pink - First Job Impressions

"Maybe she feels weird about me because 
I'm the only one that knows about her nose job"

... different type of job

I have a sister who is looking for her sorta first job out of college. She is a Special Education teacher so this is a very hands on, school working environment.  Teaching special needs children is a very hands on job with a lot of playing on the ground with the children.  So that means her work attire can certainly be on the more casual side.  She is not expected to wear a suit and heels to work. Does that mean she shouldn't wear that to an interview?

The answer is absolutely not, she is expected to be wearing a suit to her interview. A Doctor doesn't, or shouldn't, show up to an interview in scrubs.  When you show up to a job interview dressed nicely, you show that you are respecting the job, respecting the people, and taking this job seriously.  It makes a great and lasting impression.