On Wednesdays We Wear Pink- Modern Man Vs. Modern Woman

"We can get twice as much funding if we've got a girl"

I do feel for the Modern Man (which is not much different than the traditional man) who has to adjust to the ever changing role of the modern day woman. I believe for the most part that men haven't had to/ wanted to/ needed to change their role or behaviors in life. Men are still typically the bread winners, men are expected to be the protectors, men are supposed to take care of the ladies, and the list goes on. Many Emily Post 1922 edition rules still apply to men.

The women's role is the one that has really changed throughout the years. It wasn't long ago that women weren't executives and CEOs. Women weren't playing sports through college. Women weren't keeping careers through marriage and children. Since a lot of this has changed, it is only natural that roles and rules change with it.

How is the modern man to deal? If he is too chivalrous he can been seen as controlling. If he shows too much affection he can been seen as smothering.  If he doesn't show enough affection he is seen as someone who doesn't care. Where are the "new rules?" This is the point of dating.  When you date people, you are able to feel out the other person. Maybe you find a woman who is a CEO, but still likes a man with traditional manners. It is a balancing act.

The bottom line is women just need to feel like they have someone on their side...good luck finding that equation!