On Wednesdays We Wear Pink- What to do with an Ex-Fiancé

I oughta cancel your Spring Fling. 

Now, I'm not gonna do that because 

we've already paid the DJ.

What happens when the engagement is called off?  Not all rings end in happily ever after, sometimes they just end.  Now what?

First thing to do is to inform all of your guest as soon as possible.  Understand people are coming from out of town and need to cancel any plans.  If invitations and save the dates have not gone out, you should be alright.  However if you sent out a save the date, just send another letter to those you mailed simply stated that the wedding will not take place.  You do not have to go into any more detail than that.  If the invitations have gone out, you should take the time and call your guests as there is little time before the original wedding date.


Second is to return any gifts you have received so far.  Depending on the reason for the split, you may want to return the ring as well. That's another topic! Again, when you return the gifts, you should not feel obligated to offer any explanation.

The third and last item to do will be to contact all of your vendors.  Depending on how far into the wedding planning process, this may be be the easiest thing to do and you may want to tackle it first.

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