Should you Pick Up a Date?

This is another topic that not only changes with the time, but the region you live in.  I went out on a date a bit ago and my mom asked me if  he picked me up.  I said no of course not, I didn't want my bones to be made into wind chimes. To her it was crazy that he didn't pick me up, to me it was crazy to have a semi-stranger know where I live!  We have two very different ideas of what is expected and what is proper.

I'm not saying I would say no to being picking up.  In fact I would be flattered if a date was going to pick me up.  However, I would only be flattered if I felt like I knew the guy or was comfortable enough to have to guy know where I live.

With people meeting through non traditional channels such as online dating, rules start to change.  If you read any article about online dating, one of the rules is always to have your date meet you. Sadly, you truly never know.

So guys- basically damned if you do, damned if you don't.  Best of luck.