Parenting-Should Only be for Parents

I am lucky enough to have water front property. Ok, my complex has a pool and my home happens to overlook it.

This is basically who I was dealing with.

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One day this summer I was at the pool and there was a dad with his three kids. His youngest, a girl, was having a cranky day. No big deal. At one point the dad said to the daughter that if she didn't calm down they would have to go home.  At which point, one of the older pool ladies chimes in and says "I already told your dad to take you home."  What? I feel as if that's not your place to intervene.   Don't get me wrong, cranky kids can get on my nerves, however I would never say anything.  We are at a public area and the daughter really wasn't doing anything harmful.  If it bothered her or anyone that much they should be the ones to leave.  I thought the lady was out of line.