Every now and then I find myself writing a blog thinking, have people really put this much thought into this subject? Well the answer is yes and the topic is napkins! Who knew there was so much to know about napkins? I'm lucky if my little brother even uses a napkin!

Dinner Napkin vs. Lunch Napkin- A dinner napkin is placed on your lap folded in half while a lunch napkin is opened all the way and placed on the lap.

Warning- If you are at an upscale restaurant your waiter will put your napkin on your lap. Do not be alarmed!

Napkins Oh-No-Nos- Do not tuck your napkin into your shirt to act as a bib. Do not use your napkin to wipe off your lipstick or blow your nose (gross).

If you get up during the meal, just place your napkin on your chair. When you are finished a meal place to either side of your place.

There, everything you didn't even know you needed to know about a napkin.