On Wednesdays We Wear Pink- Top 5 Ways to Survive Family Gatherings

All he cares about is school and his mom and his friends.

  • When you have to wear that ugly sweater that your grandmother made you, just pretend you are entering into an ugly sweater competition!
  • Keep a sense of humor…or you will be the one laughed at.  Family can always find the weak in the group.
  • Holidays mean a lot of family time.  Take time for yourself, maybe at the local bar or say you have to get a little work done (if you are more responsible than me).
  • Make a game out of the “when are you getting married questions” (doesn’t matter if your single or in a relationship, they still ask the question). Every time someone asks- take a shot!
  • Be sure your ipad is charged.

Cheers to you and your family as we start the holiday season!