On Wednesdays We Wear Pink- Happy Day After Election

I'm gonna vote for Regina George because she got hit by that bus.

I'm voting for Cady Heron because she pushed her.

Now that the election results are out...its time for the facebook rantings. Before you go off on the facebook world remember one thing- Whatever you put on the internet really is public information.

I coach high school lacrosse and I start every season with a "whatever you put on facebook can been seen by all" speech.  It always amazes me how many girls are surprised how I can easily see their facebook profile!


Remember...anything you put on facebook,

a bunch of girls are talking about it somewhere.

Apparently I should start following my own advice. My friend Sam and I decided to take tennis lessons for whatever reason.  We got to our first class and it was only myself, Sam, and another woman.  The poor instructor, Evan, didn't stand a chance against us.  We really gave him a run for his money. Outside of class Sam and I would talk about Evan, who we saw for a hour a week, like he was part of our lives.

One day Sam put on my facebook that Evan asked her to become a tennis pro, obviously false if you've seen her play. Then we proceeded to have a full facebook conversation about who Evan liked more, me. Later in the week we liked the facebook page where we took the lessons.  Later in the day Sam called me to tell me that our entire conversation had been linked to the page since we had checked in! 

I'll admit I laughed pretty hard about it at first because what was being seen was harmless fun. Nothing to really be worried or embarrassed about (maybe a little embarrassed).  However it did make me realize how quickly information is out there for all to see.  Thankfully I'm not the type of person to put personal information out there on facebook, however for those of you who do...you never know where it will end up!