Professional Tips from a Professional

Rather than have me lecture about what I think you need to be a successful professional, I thought I would turn to someone who has great experience in being a successful business woman in today’s world. Laura Van Eperen, Van Eperen & Company (VE & Co.), has given me the pleasure of writing out her top tips to young professionals today.

Thanks Colleen O’Neil for letting me share some of my best communications tips for younger professionals to remember when at work or work-related functions.  I’ll touch on a few verbal and non-verbal tips at the top of my list.
First, dress for success – yes, this silly statement lives on!  While workplace attire has become more casual in the last five years, you probably should have a “work wardrobe” that leans in the conservative direction.  This wardrobe is what your older co-workers expect to see you in – especially when meeting with people outside the office at networking events.  These include the toned-down, longer versions of the skirts you wear out clubbing, the more buttoned up oxfords, and even, the occasional blazer or tie for client meetings.  You may also want to put the dangling earrings away for the weekend and pull out pantyhose/tights in the fall/winter.  While, you can probably avoid wearing suits every day, I’d still advise younger folks to have at least one or two in the closet for the more important special office occasions.  This isn’t college anymore (sorry!) and your older counterparts will really appreciate it when you try to dress it up!

When introducing yourself, it is important to have a firm handshake and introduce yourself with your first and last name. Speak clearly and look the person in the eye if you’d like to have credibility.  Also, if wearing a nametag, it should be on your right lapel versus the left because people shake hands with their right hands and can more easily read your written name in that direction, which will help them remember it!  Also, remember to take off the nametag for photo opps! This will look more professional in the company e-newsletter!

Thanks Laura! For more inforamtion on Laura and her team please visit their website