On Wednesday's We Wear Pink- Its October 3rd

"And with Regina's blessing I started talking to Aron more and more.
On October 3rd he asked me what day it was.
'It’s October 3rd.'
Two weeks later we spoke again."

I am certainly no dating expert, never have and never will be.  I think part of the reason is the awkward moments always seem to find me and instead of reacting appropriately, I’m typically laughing and making the situation worst.  Here is the back story: I am on my second or so date with this guy who I’ve known for a while so there wasn’t so much of the typical awkwardness you may find. However, don't  worry, I still managed to find some awkward movements to make up for it. 

So we are grabbing a drink and I go to use the ladies room. A bit later my date goes to use the men’s room. Not soon after my date comes back another guy comes up to the table and asks one of the most dreaded questions you could be asked- “Are you two together?"  I mean come on there is no good answer for this. On the one hand you can’t say yes because then you're that crazy girl who is planning your wedding after 2 dates, but on the other hand you can’t say no because then you will hurt any chances you had with a date.  Problem solved, I’ll just turn it about around on the guy and I asked him why he wanted to know. His response was, “Oh I just saw you sitting here alone,” “Hm you mean the 2 minutes I was alone while my date was in the bathroom?” I thought my smart-ass answer would be enough to get this guy to walk away, but to no avail. “Yes, so are you together? Because if not I’d like your number.”  Bold.

At this point I’m 17 shades of red and laughing uncomfortable. My date had a pretty good answer and said “well that’s really up to her if she wants to give you her number.” Great answer for him, however now it’s all back on me. “We are together tonight.” Boom, perfect answer. I don’t look crazy and I’m not giving this guy my number.

Awkward moments are going to happen in life. You need to be confident enough to just roll with it. Life is not picture perfect, and that always makes for a good story!