On Wednesday's We Wear Pink- Hostess Gift

"but the whole dance will be backwards I'm always on your left,"
"and right now you're getting on my last nerve, switch"

As I mentioned in my post about how to be a perfect guest- you should always bring a little something for your host. What I forgot to mention is you shouldn't leave with the gift if it was unused.
 A few years, actually many years ago, a group of us were headed over to a friend’s house for the weekend and of course we all bought a little something.  Sunday comes and we are all saying goodbye to our gracious host.  I’m with our host chit-chatting and another guest comes to the fridge and grabs the bottle of wine she bought for our host. Confusion sets in with my host and I. The other guest goes- “Oh I forgot we didn’t drink the wine, I’ll just bring it back with me,” and runs out the door.
 After the hostess and I pick our jaws up off the ground we just start laughing at each other. There was no other reaction possible. Did that really just happen? I don’t care what you brought as a hostess gift- big, small, whatever, it doesn’t matter, It really is the thought that counts for that.  However make sure to leave it there when you leave!