Modern Invitation Etiquette Issues- Part 2

Caren is back for round 2! Caren has provided us with a quick invitation overview. Maybe you don't have any invitation hick-ups! Follows these guidelines and you'll be just fine!

As a calligrapher, I am often asked to give advice about the proper way to address envelopes. My personal preference is to go with the tried and true, “Mr. and Mrs. John Smith.” However, nowadays, instead of using the traditional form of “Mr. and Mrs. ….,” many brides and grooms prefer to acknowledge the wife’s first name, as well as the husband’s.
Several years ago one of my clients was adament about this and against my advice insisted on using an extremely unusual format.

Mrs. and Mr. Joan and John Smith

It was so different from what I usually did, (and truthfully so weird,) that I wound up inadvertently making many errors.
 Short of being so creative, here are three ways to achieve the same result without the address becoming so cumbersome. I have listed them in order of my own preference. However, I will always address the envelopes as my clients desire.

   Mr. John and Mrs. Joan Smith

   Mr. John Smith and
     Mrs. Joan Smith

   Mr. and Mrs. John and Joan Smith 

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