...and more then you thought you needed to know about handshakes.

Again I'm taken back to my cotillion classes. In the beginning of each class the guys would line up on one side and the girls (wearing white mini mouse gloves and all) on the other. That's how the dancing partners were matched up. When we reached our partner for the evening we were to remove our glove and take the boys hand and give it a firm "web to web" shake. The way were taught to shake was a firm "web to web." That became an on going joke into adulthood. What a weird way to teach an eighth grader to shake hands.


Great example of that creepy "web to web" 

The lesson behind "web to web" was true. Put your hand out and engage in a firm hand shake for just a few seconds. Anything longer is creepy and will be talked about when you walk away.

Just as in cotillion class you should remove your glove. Born after 1950, and don't find yourself wearimg a white glove? Well dont forget about winter gloves!

Another tip, if you are holding a drink, be sure you are holding your drink in your left hand. Nobody wants to sake your gross wet hand.