Timeless Elegance- Fashion Icons

How you present yourself starts with how you dress yourself. Looking back, and even in present day, there have been some wonderful examples on how to dress like a lady. Here or some of my top icons!

Nothing says classy or iconic like Audrey Hepburn's dress. Simple and elegant!

Photo Credit: people.com

I can't help but to add Duchess Katherine's Wedding Dress.

Again, this timeless design has seen its way through many generations.

Photo Credit: usweekly.com

Jackie O has always been one of my fashion icons.

She made the shift dress gorgeous! When in doubt throw on one of these!

The woman who made the little black dress- Coco Chanel.

And look at those pearls. Tell me how pearls are not timeless!

Even a "lady of the night" can class it up!

Who can forget this dress... or that laugh!

Photo Credit: instyle.com

The woman who made the always flattering wrap-dress possible. Diane von Furstenberg

even lights up her New York building pink on her birthday!

I couldn't help but to add another iconic picture of  Duchess Katherine

(alongside my future brother-in-law). She once again shows us

how to dress like a confident lady.

Katharine Hepburn shows us that you don't have to be wearing a dress

to look timeless and feminine.

If you notice all of these ladies are dressed in a very simple outfit, yet they have landed themselves on many iconic dressed lists.

How do you become an iconic dresser? It is simpler then you may think.  You always want to make sure you are dressing appropriately.  That means dressing for the occasion as well as dressing for your body shape.  When in doubt follow these lady's and throw on some pearls!

Who are some of your fashion icons?