On Wednesday's We Wear Pink- Knowing Someone's Name

"How do you spell your name again, Cady?" "It's pronounced Katie. C-A-D-Y."

"Yeah, I'm gonna call you Cady."


Knowing someone’s name is really important, however there are many times when you just forget someone’s name. This could be handled a few different ways.

During my dating adventures I ended up going out with a guy whose name I just couldn’t remember. We had met a few times and I just started seeing him around and it just got too far to ask him his name again.  Then he asked me out to drinks one day. So here I am on a date with a guy whose name I don’t even know. For whatever reason, everyone I had ever met was out that night. I thought perfect; here is my opportunity to get his name. I introduced him to everyone we ran into thinking he’d say “nice to meet you my name is X” and he didn’t! So I just continued on a date with X. If someone is introducing you and they don’t say your name, make sure you always do so!

Instead of trying to figure someone’s name out inconspicuously, you can always just call them the wrong name.  What you have to image for this story is the way my dear friends, Jersey Girl, walks.  She walks about a thousand miles per hour, way ahead of anyone us, with such drive. It’s pretty funny because we always were able to see people’s reaction to her. Jersey Girl also likes to know everyone. For about a year Jersey Girl would pass this one particular girl and say “Hey Megan” with such confidence and just keep walking. She didn’t even care if Megan said Hi back because Jersey Girl was already at her next destination. It took about a year for Megan to say “My names not Megan, is Jennifer.” Thankfully we were all many steps behind her so we got to see this all go down. It was great!

I don’t remember names very well (see story above) however you don’t have to make that known. The guy I went on a date with, to this day, has no idea I didn’t know his name.  Eventually you’ll be able to learn someone’s name, but don’t make up a name till that happens!