Ode to Modern Manners

Modern day etiquette is a passion of mine, but has become such a lost art among my generation and really this time period. Why? When people think of etiquette they think of ladies wearing gloves having afternoon tea together or something you learn for you meet the Queen of England. What can't etiquette be associated with simple ideas as a way you live your life?

I'm going to bring etiquette back to where it belongs, in every day life. Etiquette is simply showing respect to other people.

So who I am to be talking about etiquette? I am not from high fluent society, I am not prepared to dine with the Queen, I did not go to etiquette school, I like sports and getting dirty (when there is a shower near by), I like going out, I sometimes make bad decisions, I'm not perfect, I make mistakes, I speak out of line sometimes, I like trashy TV, I am hardheaded and stubborn, I'm a hard worker, and I don't have it all figured out.  I'm just a single gal living in a city trying to make it in this world and maybe bring a little etiquette with me.

My point of listing who I am (wait this isn't match.com) is to prove that any person can live their life with etiquette  simply. My goal is to prove that modern day etiquette can simply be showing respect for others.