Good Manners...Or…Housewife Manners

...taking too much control.

Day late and a dollar short- last week's lesson has rolled over to today! Last episode recap- Carole gets ready for the Miami trip (are the "cool girls" going on this trip?) and picks up Sonja to talk about face yoga.  Ramon sticks both feet in her mouth while a guest at Aviva's home.  Ramona and Sonja are besties. Aviva's dad shows us man yoga face exercises (gross) before we sit down for a very classy dinner that includes screaming orgasm and foreplay. And Aviva's dad leaves nothing to the imagination the entire episode- just ask Sonja

Somehow Aviva's Leg is able to dry after staying in the pool for too long...

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As predicted Ramona needs to re-read

how to be a perfect house guest

.  She takes taking control to the next level! First we start off with Ramona telling Aviva she is in the pool too long with her prospected leg.  Well last time I checked Aviva is a grown woman who has had a prospected leg almost her entire life.  It gets to be way too much! Next at dinner Ramona gets upset when everyone keeps talking about Aviva's ex-husband.  Again, Aviva is a grown-up and allowed to talk about whomever she pleases.  If the ex-husband talking isn't bothering the ex-wife or the current husband, then why do you care? The cherry on top of this controlling Sunday is when we see Ramona walk into the kitchen (where she is a guest) and changes the order of the dinner course! Are you kidding me? Could you image having a dinner party and one of your guest go into the kitchen and tell the cooks to change the order? Well I would die!

Making Housewives Educational

: Don't take too much control especially when your a guest. And don't change the order of my dinners if your at my house!