A Gentleman Should Always Stand for a Lady

I'm just going to jump right in- A gentleman (or any man) should always stand when a lady is getting up or sitting down.  I know this is a bold topic to start off with as my earlier post talked about how easy it is to incorporate manners in your everyday life, but what the heck I'm kinda bold.

I know I'm not the only one out there who took cotillion classes in the 8th grade.  One of the "lessons" during your forced awkward circle dancing break was the boys always had to stand when the girls got up and those poor boys because you know us girls got up about 100 times to go to the bathroom because god forbid we just sit there.  Anyway I digress, what happened to this lesson?


Your right I don't know what I'm talking about...

neither does he...he does awful with women...

I was at a baptism and sitting at a table with guys around my age. I sat down to chit-chat and then I got up to get some food. I noticed the gentleman (yes he was a gentleman) next to me stood up just a bit when I got up. I almost didn't think much of it till I came back to sit down. He did  it again! I was blown away! And he was married so it wasn't even like he was trying to impress me (well I hope not...) He stood up ever so slight as to not draw attention, but if your someone who would notice (me) you noticed. I have to tell you I felt so special and respected it was unreal!

I know that is a bold lesson to jump into, but realize what an impression this guy made on me. Don't you want someone remembering you in such a positive way? I'm not saying get up and down around every single lady every single time, however start slow, maybe when you take a special lady friend out. See what type of reaction you get! Your welcome guys.