Good Manners...Or…Housewife Manners to be a

perfect house guest


In this week's New York Housewives episode we are once again at lunch to talk about the London trip and to talk about the upcoming trip to Florida where Sonja will meet her sex addict date (Aviva's words not mine)- Aviva's Dad (awkward). Then we all get together for a wine tasting and Aviva meets someone who got her masters in wine (that I would go back to school for).  Maybe Ramona should go get her masters in wine as she didn't even recognized her own wine in a tasting. We leave the wine tasting in New York to travel to Florida to meet Aviva's Dad- the sex addict, playboy, hot dog eating Dad.  Aviva prepares for Ramona's spring break adventure and the Princess thinks the Countess is a friend jumping diva.  That about sums it up.

Getting Turtle Time Ready for Spring Break to Florida!

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Our lesson today is about being the

perfect house guest

.  Ramona visits 


 at Aviva's summer home in Florida.  I will say Ramona hasn't done anything blatantly bad, so this is more of a cautionary blog.  

Most of the harm came from the side interviews and blogs.  When Ramona arrives at the house Aviva's husband makes a joke about house rules.  In the interview Ramona says she doesn't follow rules.  If the house you are staying at does have house rules (which is a little strange, sure) you should follow them.  If you don't like it your always welcome to stay at a hotel.

The second small issue I had was in Ramona's blog she talks about everything she set up for them when they were in Florida. We get it you know a lot of people, but bragging about it is in bad taste.  Its similar to money, if you have it don't talk about it.

So Ramona your ok this week, but maybe read my

house guest blog post

before we get to next week!

Making Housewives Educational: Always be sure to be on your best behavior when your a guest at someone's house!