Good Manners...Or…Housewife Manners to not act childish.

As usual we will start off with a recap of this week's episode.  Sonja looks great after a bidet facial, the bitch stole Carole's look, the Countess one-ups the Princess at everything from twins to football, the Princess beats the Countess in croquet in a gown, Ramona is still having a better time in NYC, what happens at the beauty salon stays at the beauty salon (unless its being filmed for TV), and Heather follows her problems around the party. I don't even know how to include that band in this recap.

Winning in a gown and all

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We watch a great example of trying to ineffectively defuse a situation in a childish manor.  The Countess was getting on the Princess's nerves at bit when they were in London.  The way the Princess handled it was not the most effective way.  Behaving childish is not the best way to defuse a situation.  It is extremely passive aggressive and does not change the situation rather making it worst most of the time.  If someone is getting on your nerves, maybe take about 5 minutes to regroup rather than acting childish.  You can take a few minutes to collect yourself then try to ignore whats getting on your nerves rather than give it attention.

Making Housewives Educational: Rather than acting childish to defuse a situation, try not giving it any attention.