Good Manners...Or…Housewife Manners

...when its appropriate to use an accent... 

and you stand to introduce yourself?

This week we have two small lessons.  The first one is when is it appropriate to mimic an accent? The second lesson is should you stand to introduce yourself when at a dinner party?

First we start of with this week's recap. Finally the cool girls are at London!, they are a chatty group in the car, Aviva wanted to go to London with the cool girls, Ramona has apparently never talked to someone with an prosthetic leg (not one that looks that good!), Aviva can go swimming and wear a bathing suit, Carole hates bras, Luann knows royalty, the cool gals get very hungry after travel, the old Dior House has orgasmatron bathrooms and egg drop soup, and Luann gets pregnant from a math equation.

The first lesson today is to decide when its appropriate to mimic an accent, especially when you are in a different country and the easy answer is no.  Some people may find that offensive even if you have no intention of being offensive. If you do not want to offend people especially while visiting their country its best to air on the side of caution.

I think he knows Luann isn't from London

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The second lesson is played out when the cool girls are at Heather's work dinner. Heather has asked everyone to stand and introduce themselves (

side note in my


blog I clearly state you should stand to introduce yourself). Everyone stands and introduces themselves then we get to Carole, who decides she does not want to stand up.  In her interview first she says she is a people pleasures, but then goes on to say how weird standing to introduce yourself is. First is isn't weird and second if your such a people please why didn't you stand?!

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Making Housewives Educational: Stand to introduce yourself, especially when specifically asked to do so, but don't introduce yourself in an accent!