Good Manners...Or…Housewife Manners

...Who to invite to a party, trip, event, whatever?

Sorry for the delay in this week's lesson. DC lost power so I was just able to watch my beloved show.

Last week's episode can be summed up in two words- London Lunches. But here is a little more of a recap: Heather and Aviva meet for lunch to talk about the London trip and that all of the cool girls are going, LuAnn goes to an acupuncture to get pregnant, Aviva and and Sonja have lunch to talk about the London trip a

nd that all of the cool girls are going, Sonja has tons of interns, Carole hate sitting still on dates, Ramona and Carole (sorry Princess Carole) have lunch to discuss the London trip (no mention of the cool girls), Ramona is tough to shop with. 

Who knew Big Ben could cause so much drama?

I have been avoiding discussing whether Heather should have invited Ramona to the trip or not long enough. I don't know if I can take one more London lunch. So the question is do you have to invite everyone to everything? The simple answer is no. However I feel like the bigger issue here is excluding someone versus not inviting someone. When you are making your invite list for your wedding or any event you normally invite by groups of people. Maybe your college friends is one group or your family is another group. And many times when you have to cut one person from the group you cut the entire group. It just keeps things simple and decreases hurt feelings.  

This sums up how I feel about the London Lunches

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I feel as if Heather is excluding Ramona.  That is different than not inviting someone.  There is almost a mean reason why Heather isn't inviting Ramona.  Heather has invited every other lady in the group except for the Ramona. No she isn't required to invited people on her trip, but she is specifically excluding one person from the group. If Heather really didn't want to invite Ramona she should have addressed Ramona upfront. Simply to avoid all of the drama and unnecessary hurt feelings.

Making Housewives Educational: No you don't have to invite everyone to your party, but be sure you are not excluding someone and you are always being respectful of other's feelings.