Good Manners...Or…Housewife Manners

Don't make your guest feel uncomfortable!

When hosting a party its important to make sure your guest are comfortable, especially when your guest are at your own house (and more importantly if your party is being filmed).

In this week's episode of Real Housewives of New York, you seen Ramona breaking this important lesson.  Ramona is hosting a dinner party and manages to make not one, but two of her guest uncomfortable.  Seeing how the dinner party only had about 10 guest, she managed to make 20% of her guest uncomfortable, which quickly turned to 100% as publicly making one guest uncomfortable you end up making the entire room uncomfortable (and sometimes viewers).

First Ramona told Heather that she talked too much and was not a good listener. I stand corrected, not only did Ramon say that, but her husband (the co-host of the dinner) also chimed in telling Heather she interrupted and did not listen.  Although interrupting is not a great way to carry on a conversation, I thought Heather handled herself well and deflected what could have been  an argument that got out of hand (in typical true housewife form).

Three awkward smiles do not make a right

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The second time Ramona made a guest feel uncomfortable was when she publicly, corrected Sonja when Sonja said "husband" rather than "ex-husband." This is where the night got a bit uncomfortable. I would almost bet that no one would have noticed the difference had Ramona not have called attention to it. You could tell that not only Sonja grew uncomfortable, but so did the other guest. And to make it worst Ramona did not let it go from there, she just kept talking about it. Ramona did try to make this right by later in her blog saying she was wrong to have made such a big deal about "husband" vs. "ex-husband" at the dinner table.

Making Housewives Educational: Unless you are on national TV trying to increase ratings, always be sure your guest are as comfortable as possible.

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