Good Manners...Or…Housewife Manners

... Be respectful to the waitstaff.

I know I normally start off this blog with a fabulous recap by Carole, but she did not have one in this week's blog! I was devistated to say the least. Well here is my attempt: Ramona doesn't like to be left out of London trips, Heather's assistants answer her emails, Heather and Ramona talk at each other, Ramona doesn't like to be left out of London trips, Sonja takes horse pills, has breakfast in bed and only listens to voice mails from royalty, Mario can't keep a secret, Ramona doesn't like to be left out of London trips, Luanne has royalty torettes syndrome, did I mention Ramon doesn't like to be left out of London trips?

I know I pick on Ramona a lot, but what happend in this week's episode particually got under my skin.  The way Ramona was treating the wait staff was unbelievable. The first incident was when Ramona was at lunch with a few of the other housewives.  She was trying to get someone's attention in the most annoying and disrespectful way.  She was waving her arms around in almost the same crazy manor as she moves her eyes. Then she proceeds to yell across the restaurants. I couldn't even imagine.

Not the crazy arms I was talking about, but I am starting to see a pattern...

I did think this was an isolated incident and I do know that is can be frusterating when you need something and the waitstaff is hard to find, so I let it go.  However, the way she reacted to the waitstaff again at Sonja's cover party is what really made me realize she may be a cerial offender! I just can not stand when people are being disrespectful to the waitstaff. Apparently Ramon was a bit upset she was not included in the London trip so decides to yell at the waiter to get his attention.

Making Housewives Educational: Treat everyone you come in contact with respect.