Good Manners...Or…Housewife Manners

Don't answer your phone on speaker...

...And if you do make sure the caller knows who else is standing there.  Granted, I know this is a TV show and I'm sure they have to answer on speaker, however Aviva could have told Heather that Ramona was in the same room with her.

As usual Carole has a great re-cap of this week's episode in her


: "No one called me cool this week (thank god) but Heather did call me Mama-boo. (Cute.) Aviva curtsied twice, but not to me. Sonja has a count in her past and a crumb tray in her future. (I can't stop saying "crumb tray.") And Heather may or may not invite Ramona to London. Also, Mario's scent calms Ramona so I think Luann should have it bottled and spritz when the situation calls."

I do love those crazy eyes!

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So here is what happens...Heather calls Aviva.  What Heather does not know is that Aviva has put this conversation on speaker while Ramona was in the room.  What Aviva doesn't know is that Heather is calling to invite Aviva to a trip. What I didn't like was when Ramona told Aviva not to tell Heather she was listening to the call, and went on to mock Heather. Heather goes on to invite Aviva to a girls trip to London and its unknown if she has plans to invite Ramona or not. I'm guess the drama wont stop here. Aviva does explain in her


that she had no idea that Heather was going to invite her to London, that she thought it was childish for Ramona to be mocking Heather, and she called Heather after to explain the situation.  Way to handle that well.

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Making Housewives Educational: If you are in a situation in which you cannot avoid answering the phone on speaker, be sure that all parties know who is on the line.