Good Manners...Or…Housewife Manners

This week on Real Housewives of New York we learn how to behave when working with a contractor.

For those of you who unfortunately had to missed this week's episode Carole had a great recap on her


- "Sonja knows drip patterns, Ramona's manicures last three weeks, Heather likes freestyle dinners, Aviva likes neat children and napkins, Jacques is really funny and, lastly, I can't sing." Just about sums it up.

Speaking of Sonja she has a great recap opening line on her


that gives me a perfect introduction to this blog post- "Welcome back to hurricanes, harassment, and hot guys. . .and heavy on the hot guys!"  It only takes seeing one episode to know Sonja loves to flirt with any guy, she is an equal opportunist flirter. Many people would welcome the contractor into their house maybe offer something to drink and then continue with an examination of the affected area. Sonja's tour of her house came with a side of witty banter, bed rolling, and skinny jean fixing.  Full tour to say the least. 

Good example of a breast-first bed fall

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When dealing with contractors, or just people in general, you need to learn how to read the situation. Sonja's over the top flirting could make many people uncomfortable.  As I said before the contractor did not seem to get uncomfortable by Sonja's, however Sonja needs to be sure not to cross the line.

Making Housewives Educational: Make sure any flirtatious advances are warranted (and hopefully reciprocated) and not making anyone uncomfortable.