Finding Entertainment- With No Budget

Entertainment can change the look and feel of your event. Many times it is one of the last pieces considered and by then your budget could be close to nothing.  What do you do then?

Try getting a local celebrity involved. Is your event for a charity? See if there are any local personalities (news reporters, TV personalities, radio personalities) that are already supporters of the nonprofits. They may be willing to donate their time for the cause.

Local bands and singers are always looking for ways to get their name out there. If you are hosting a large event with a big audience, the band may be willing to donate their time in exchange for all of the viability.

Remind your entertainment that any time they donate can be used as a tax write off. That might the the push someone needs to start getting involved!

Don't be afraid to think out of the box for entertainment. Maybe there is a great local magician or a flame never know! Entertainment is supposed to be just that...entertaining!