Being the Perfect Houseguest

Nothing is worst than having a rude house guest! Make sure you host isn't talking about you behind your back (which of course isn't very polite) when you leave after a visit!

Being a perfect house guest really comes down to being considerate and appreciative of your host. 

1.  Communicate your plans with the host as early as possible, don't wait for them to ask you for your plans. At that point you've already irritated your host and you haven't event showed up!

2. Try not to show up empty handed. You can bring anything from flowers, wine, or maybe something creative that represents where you are visiting her form.

3. Please don't bring your pets unless they are specifically welcomed. Especially if your host does not have pets this might become a huge inconvenience for them.

4. Try and bring all of your own toiletries. Your host isn't running a bed and breakfast and may not be leaving mini conditioners for your use.

5. Chip in with chores around the house. Just like your host isn't leaving mini shampoos for you, she also isn't getting paid to clean up after you. 

6. Always be sure your thankful to your host. It would be nice to send them a thank-you note after your stay.

Never too late to Right a Wrong:

If you don't always follow these rules, its never too late to start. If you felt like you may have left on bad terms, just apologize!