Man's Wedding Blog

I have come across one of the most entertaining wedding blogs I have seen in a while and here is the catch......its written from a Groom's perspective! This blog follows the wedding planning process from a Groom's perspective and his true and honest thoughts (although sometimes a bit too honest). This is too entertaining not to share. Here is an excerpt from one of his blogs and his "tips" for tackling seating charts:

After my first blog post, I had a request for the male perspective on the seating chart. It’s understandable that people struggle to understand the perspective because it’s basically, “I don’t know, who cares? Sit the dudes with the dudes and the chicks with the chicks.” Or better yet, “What, is standing room only not allowed?” But in reality, the seating chart is important. And much like many things in a wedding, men are forced to participate in it. So here are a few tips for the seating chart. 

Tip #1

: Group all of the old people together.

Tip #2:

Seat all the kids together.

Tip #3

: Seat the bride’s slutty friends with the groom’s most annoying single guys. 

Tip #4

: Seat all of your dogs dressed like dolphins at one table. (Editors Note:You have to read the blog to understand this one).

Tip #5

And the final tip, this is already stretching my literary abilities as is: Seat one loud drunk friend at every table not previously mentioned.

Please check out his entire blog here:

. You wont be sorry!