DIY Letter Picture Collage

Great personalized gift idea for bride or for your bridesmaids!

Letter Picture Collage

This is an easy to make personalized gift.  In just 3 steps you can create a life lasting gift that is also affordable to make.

Step 1.

Find letter (or letters) of your choice.  In the example above I used a white wooden letter.

Step 2.

Print out in black and white a collection of pictures.  I simply printed the pictures out on regular copy printer paper. One you have your pictures printed out cut to fit the size of the letter.

Step 3.

 Once the pictures are cut and fitted to the letter simply take mod glue and glue the pictures to the letter.  Once the pictures have dried, take mod glue and cover the letter till you reach the glossiness of your desire.

This is a great idea for a bridesmaid to give to her bride, or a bride to give to her bridesmaid.