Wedding Tips and Tricks

5 Winter Wedding Planning Tips

  1. It's cold! Don't forget to get winter accessories such as a beautiful stole. And don't worry, it doesn't have to be white! That goes for your bridesmaids as well.
  2. And while we are on winter accessories, make sure your reception venue has a good coat check system.
  3. Keep the weather in mind when planning the location of the ceremony and reception. Especially with the unpredictable weather, try to keep everything in a central location.
  4. Winter pictures come out amazing, but don't forget to think of daylight when planning out the timeline of your wedding. It gets dark much earlier in the winter, so plan accordingly.
  5. Flowers are expensive and can be difficult to get in the winter, but if you play into the winter theme, there are many good options out there. Keep an open mind when make decisions about flowers.

Man-Up Your Wedding

Tired of pink and an overflow of flowers? Time to man-up and start making this wedding about both of you. There are easy ways to "lead" your bride to a more manly wedding.

  • Add a cigar bar 
  • Better yet, make the signature drink something with a masculine twist. Which basically means any drink without an umbrella, tons of fruit, or tons of sugar.
  • Games are an easy way to peak a man's attention and interest. It gives guest something to do during cocktail hour, and it can also give that ever so shy guest an activity to do during a dance set.
  • Have late night comfort food snacks such as pizza or mac and cheese. Not only is it awesome, but it also is a great way to keep your guest guessing till the end.
  • Lastly, try to minimize the decor. Country rustic is a very chic theme right now and can easily appease both the groom and the bride's decor taste.

Groom's Planning Check-List

Wait, the groom has to help with the wedding planning? 

While the list of to-dos for the groom are nowhere near as long as the bride's to-dos, does not mean you get a free pass for the planning process. Being a groom can be simple, if you listen, are respectful, and are a part of the planning.

  • Show up - Both mentally and physically. If you are physically there, either in the conversation or at a meeting, but not listening or participating, you might as well not have even shown up. Your bride has done more research than you can imagine, so show her the respect of listening and appreciating all she has done.
  • Pick your battles - There will be an aspect of the wedding that will be important to you (think bar and band). Those are the arguments worth having. Do you care what color the floral centerpieces are? Make a list of your top priorities and communicate that to your bride. 
  • Be helpful - Many grooms won't know how to be helpful, so let's make it simple: just ask. Ask your bride or your family what you can do to be helpful. By simply asking, you are showing you care and want to help. This will score many points for you!

Any past grooms have other helpful hints?

Invitation Cost Broken Down

Invitations can range greatly in prices. You want to stay affordable, but don't want to send out a cheap looking invitation. Remember, the invitation is the first impression your guest will see the tone and the theme of your wedding! Here is a breakdown of the cost. 


Cotton paper will be the most expensive type of paper to get your invitations printed on. A great alternative, while still keeping a good paper weight, would be a linen stock with texture.  Also, natural papers will remain affordable.  As I'm sure you could assume, a shiny finished paper will be more expensive than a matte finished paper. Choosing a lighter weight in stock paper can also reduce your overall cost.


The types of printing (from most expensive to least expensive) are Engraved or Letterpress, Thermography, Offset Printing and Digital Printing.  When printing invitations, try to keep to just one or two fonts. Anything more can look overwhelming or messy.

Other Tips

  • Response post card will cost less than a response card and envelope.
  • Round corners can cost more in the production phase. 
  • Standard ink colors will also be a great way to keep your cost down. 

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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Planning a Summer Wedding

  • NOT HAVING A RAIN PLAN. Yes, ideally the weather will be perfect and you will be able to have the dream wedding you have spent months planning. However, not having a rain plan will cause you more stress, worry and problems on your wedding day. Also, if you are able to come up with a plan beforehand, you will be able to mentally process what will happen if there is bad weather.

  • TIMING. It's best to not have anything scheduled during noon during the summer, especially pictures. Do yourself a favor and find out the best times to be outside during the hot summer months.

  • ATTIRE. Planning an outdoor black tie wedding is unfair to your guest. Yes, you can have an outdoor option for your black tie dressed guests, but make sure you are not setting your wedding up for failure. If all of your wedding activities are outside, be prepared for your guest to have more of a laid back attitude when it comes to their attire.

  • NOT HAVING ENOUGH HYDRATION STATIONS. If your ceremony is outside, maybe have a little lemonade and water station for your guest. Keep in mind many guests get to the wedding ceremony at least 15 minutes before it even begins. So even if you have a quick ceremony, you are still asking your guest to be outside for at least 30 to 45 minutes.

  • BUG SPRAY. Sounds silly, but trust me it will make a world of difference. Guest will appreciate that you have thought about them and your guests will have a much better time if bugs aren't flying up their noses. Nothing can kill wedding fun faster than uninvited critters.

Wedding Day Meal Tips

Water! This cannot be stated enough. This will not only keep you hydrated (obviously), it will keep you feeling full and looking fresh all day!

Breakfast - Lots of protein and fruits. Look for good whole grain/ fat combs such as peanut butter or greek yogurt. This combo will keep you energized without feeling bloated. Oatmeal is another great breakfast that will keep you going without the additional calories.

Snacks - Eat all day long! Once your wedding ceremony and pictures begin, you will not be able to eat as much. Again, protein will help keep you going all day long. Also, fruits are great to snack on. Think trail mix, veggies and dip, avocado or peanut butter.

Dinner - Make sure you sit and eat dinner! You should be the first to be served so hurry and eat something while your other guest are getting served.  You can also have the caterer put something aside for you to take home with you. You will be so thankful for the late night snack!

Stay way from dinner rolls, red wine, or foods that will show up between your teeth.

Most cake! You've worked so hard to get to this point, now enjoy it!

Event Lighting

Lighting can really make a big difference to an event. If you are planning on hiring a lighting crew for your event please do the research to be sure you are picking one that fits your personality.

Try and meet with the lighting crew at the venue and let them know as much as possible, as you typically do not get a "test run." That will help explain what you are looking for and help the lighting technician visualize what can and cannot be done. Also see their work especially if they have done work at the venue already. Be aware of the space you are working with. Take notice of any permanent lights or doors and windows that could affect your lighting. Another light source that is often overlooked are candles. Be sure your candle lighting is not overwhelming.

The dimming rule is to make the room about 10% to 20% darker than you think it should be, wait a few minutes for your eyes to adjust look down and see if you can still see your shoes. That's normally a good test to see if the lighting is good.

With up-lighting keep in mind the light is placed on the floor. You don't want to put that anywhere that a guest may trip on it.

Be careful with what colors you are picking. Certain shades can make guest look unattractive and can also affect how your photos come out. Generally speaking neutral and soft light colors make the best choice.

Christmas lights make a great addition to the look and feel of your wedding. Now is the time when more is better, you really can't have too many lights!

What type of lighting should you look into for a wedding? Warm-up lighting around the room, pin lighting for centerpieces, especially the tall ones, pin lighting on the cake and lighting for the band/djs and dance floor. Those simple lighting can absolutely transform a room. You can also get personalize with the lighting. Maybe having your couple monogram on the dance floor.

Last lighting thought: be sure to check the venues voltage to be sure they can handle your ideas!