Wedding Ready

Wedding Day Meal Tips

Water! This cannot be stated enough. This will not only keep you hydrated (obviously), it will keep you feeling full and looking fresh all day!

Breakfast - Lots of protein and fruits. Look for good whole grain/ fat combs such as peanut butter or greek yogurt. This combo will keep you energized without feeling bloated. Oatmeal is another great breakfast that will keep you going without the additional calories.

Snacks - Eat all day long! Once your wedding ceremony and pictures begin, you will not be able to eat as much. Again, protein will help keep you going all day long. Also, fruits are great to snack on. Think trail mix, veggies and dip, avocado or peanut butter.

Dinner - Make sure you sit and eat dinner! You should be the first to be served so hurry and eat something while your other guest are getting served.  You can also have the caterer put something aside for you to take home with you. You will be so thankful for the late night snack!

Stay way from dinner rolls, red wine, or foods that will show up between your teeth.

Most cake! You've worked so hard to get to this point, now enjoy it!

Picking a Bridal Party

Picking a bridal party can honestly be one of the more stressful decisions you make about your wedding.  You are constantly worrying about leaving people out or hurting people's feelings.  They key to getting through this processes is to be understanding.

When you are asking attendants to be in your wedding, be clear about what you are expecting of them. Do you want them at every single shower and event or do you just care they are able to be there at the wedding with you? Putting expectations up front, you will eliminate many awkward conversations later. 

Be aware that you may ask someone to be in your wedding and they may decline. They may not be able to make the financial commitments or perhaps they already have a wedding that day. Do not take offense to this. Life happens.

Keep in mind that everyone is there to support you on your special day.



Pre-Wedding Skin Care: Do's and Don'ts Part 2

Things to remember NOT to do:

NEVER use a body lotion on your face. 

Even in the winter, it is still important to use SPF, try to make sure the moisturizer is in your facial cream or get a SPF from Khiel’s (which offers a light-weight, non-greasy SPF you can add to your moisturizer). 

 No ZINC only products or you will look like a Ghost in pictures.

 Layer your lip conditioner under your lip products.

Things to do REGULARLY leading up to your wedding:

PLEASE- wax or thread regularly so your skin is used to it 

Wax or thread 1 week prior to your wedding and pluck any random hairs that grow in closer to the date.

Facials to help with any troubled areas and texture.

Be very careful with any topical skin treatments like chemical peels, botox, etc too close to your wedding. 

Yours in Beauty, 



Pre-Wedding Skin Care Part 1

Engagement ring of your dreams: check. 

Wedding date picked: check

Dress: Check

Skincare: ????

Let me be your guide to preparing your skin for a big day filled with a trillion pictures of you and your groom to be! 

First of all, you must-must-must apply eye cream and moisturizer that is appropriate for your skin type and the current season. when you experience the change that announces the arrival of cool air, you must adjust your skin care. Put away your summer skin care. When fall and winter roll around, the air lacks the moisture and humidity that makes up summer air. This type of air lives to drink the moisture out of your skin. If your facial lotion is not heavy enough then, it will chap your skin and make it feel extra tight/dry.

Let me explain:

▪    If your skin is extra tight when you get out of the shower, feels like it is gonna crack, has dry patches, or generally has a flakey feel to it; you have DRY skin.

▪    If your skin is oily in the t-zone (a cross in the middle of your face including nose, forehead, chin, cheeks) and semi-dry around the perimeter of your face, and feels pretty soft on a regular basis; you have NORMAL/COMBO skin.

▪    If your skin is consistently oily all over, skin/make-up gets shiny within 2-3 hours of wear, and you have more frequent breakouts especially in the t-zone; you have OILY skin.

There is a possibility of each skin type having a condition of sensitivity and dehydration. Sensitivity is when the skin reacts negatively to products, sunlight, brushes, etc. YOU ARE ALL NOT SENSITIVE because your skin reacted once to a product. Sensitivity can only be diagnosed by a Dermatologist or an Esthetician. Dehydration is when the surface level of skin is flaky and lacking moisture, but the deeper levels of skin are still one of the three skin types. Dehydration can be cured by using the correct cleanser and moisturizer for you skin, and exfoliating! Favorite exfoliator is Volcanic Ash by MAC, and my girlfriends (whom which I make try all these goodies) can attest to how amazing this exfoliator is.

After you choose the right cleanser, moisturizer, eye cream, and exfoliator for your skin type, you can move on to a primer. Primers are used as a protectant your skin from outside elements, smooth out texture in skin, and help adhere your make-up.

Don’t forget that you must-must-must wear lip conditioner regularly!! I cannot stress how hard the elements are on your lips especially. My top favorites are MAC Lip Conditioner Tube, EOS, and Nivea Deep Renewal. 

Here’s a few skin tips to keep in mind:

Chin Acne and breakouts are associated with intense hormonal imbalance. You must consult a dermatologist to get the proper medicine to ingest to reduce the over produced hormone and get your skin back to normal. You can use a topical spot treatment like Murad Acne Spot Treatment, but do not over use it! 

Besides heredity, your under eye circles can be directly related to disease and allergies.

For puffiness, you can use an eye cream with caffeine to reduce the puffy or irittated feeling. 

Yours in Beauty, 




Walk like a Top Model Bride

Make sure at your wedding guest are looking at you, not your poor posture! Here are some tips to walk like a Top Model Bride:

  • Keep your body upright so there is no strain or tension on your muscles
  • Draw the chin in slightly and lengthen your neck to bring your posture up
  • Walk lightly down the aisle, lifting your chest and head up
  • The higher the heel, the higher the body lifts 
  • Hold your bouquet at hip level to keep your shoulders down away from your ears

Bridal Gown Shopping Tips

Start Early

- most wedding gowns take at least 3 different fittings with about a month in between. Make sure you have enough time to be sure the gown is just what you wanted.


- your gown should be about 3-5% of your overall budget. Also keep in mind you will most likely be required to put at 50% deposit down. It is suggested to use a credit card for this to protect yourself. If anything goes wrong the credit card company will go after the store.


- Of course you want your gown to be beautiful l but also remember you will be moving and dancing and running around in that gown for almost 12 hours!

Buying your Gown

- Be careful how many people you invite to your gown shopping. Too many opinions and bodies can take away from the exciting day.

Say I Do to Your Wedding Gown

Between my roles as Planner,Bride ,and a brief stint working in a Bridal Gown Shop, I have taken note on shopping for  bridal gowns. Prepare yourself for this milestone experience with my very own  "Do’s and Don’ts of Bridal Gown Shopping." Adapted from my first blog "Tales of a Wedding Belle."

  • Don’t- Bring a huge entourage. Trying on bridal gowns is a very special experience you may want to share with your closest friends and family, however everyone has an opinion.That being said bring those whose taste you trust and will give you honest and helpful constructive criticism. The less people who see the gown means a bigger wow factor and reveal on your wedding day.
  • Don’t- Wear heavy make- up or a lot of jewelry. Obviously you will accessorize and be made up on your wedding day, however you will be trying on multiple dresses and no one wants your make up coming off on the dress or your jewelry getting caught on them. It’s also great to pick your dress first then accessorize it later.
  • Don’t- Be turned off from your dress for something that can easily be changed. Don’t let the color of the dress sway you; most dresses come in various shades of white, ivory, and other fun colors such as champagne or pink . Color can also most likely be changed on bows, sashes and other embellishments. A dress can be made fuller by easily adding a crinoline skirt underneath it. Also many manufacturers can change the length of the train, neckline and strap options.
  • Do- Have an open mind. Try on different styles of dresses especially if you are trying dresses on for the first time. A dress on the hanger and a dress on you are two separate things.
  • Do- Know yourself. Even though I mentioned that it is great to explore different styles and cuts, know your body. For example if you are very petite you may get lost in a large ball gown or if you are a bustier bride you don’t want to keep pulling at your strapless gown all evening.
  • Do-Wear appropriate undergarments. Chances are you may be wearing some form of shape wear on your wedding day to ensure a seamless look. When in doubt Spanx it out. Strapless bras are a smart idea to wear too especially if you are interested in strapless, halter, or a delicate strapped dress.
  • Do- Consider your wedding theme and date. Let your bridal consultant know the look and feel you are trying to encompass at your wedding. If you are having a black tie wedding by all means dress up and get that ball gown. If a beach wedding is more your style opt for lighter fabrics and keep in mind that sand and delicate materials with a long train don’t mix.
  • Do- Keep in mind your budget. Alterations to the dress are typically not included in the sale price. Sample/ Trunk sales are a great option to purchase designer dresses at a fraction of the price. If you fall in love with a dress on the in store there may be the option to buy that dress off the rack at a reduced price. If you are on a tight budget try browsing the bridesmaid dresses, we can often order them in white/ivory.
  • Do- Choose the dress that you want your beloved to see you walking down the aisle in. Bring on the tears!

Questions for your Wedding DJ

As with all of your vendors, it is important to be on the same page as them.

Whether you want a club dj emulating a South Beach

scene or a charismatic dj introducing “ice breakers” to the party you want your event to reflect you ,especially when it comes to the music.

I keep finding these questions popping up when talking to a client’s djs, and they should be agreed on by the couple and made aware of for the dj.

Here are my Dj questions / important info.

The title and artists of your important songs-

I will always love you by Whitney Houston is a bit different than the Dolly Parton version.

Introduction of the Bridal Party

First Dance

Father Daughter Dance

Mother Son Dance

Cake Cutting

Bouquet Toss

Garter Toss

Last Song

and any other important songs you want included.

If your dj is acting as emcee the order of the bridal party and phonetic

break down of names and pronunciation

Liz Lessig

Liz Less-igh

- correct

Liz Leeegggginnnngs

- not quite, but a great new nickname

The timeline of the wedding and cues for important things.

Before dinner the Best Man will toast followed by his break dance performance then the buffett stations will have a soft open. (True occurrence)

Will you be having “ice breakers” ?

Ice breakers such as an anniversary dance get couples to the dance floor.

The anniversary dance calls all married couples to the dance floor and slowly the emcee will call out

“all those married for a year or less

please leave the dance floor” .

. .

and so on until it’s the couple that has been married the longest

left standing.

Have they played at this reception venue before?

Different venues have different sound ordinances and restrictions.

Do you have back up equipment?

Will they be playing music for the ceremony and cocktail hour?

What is on your do not play list?

Electric slide and chicken dance are constantly on this list.

Can guests make song requests?

Adapted from my blog "Tales of a Wedding Belle"