Modern Manners

How to NOT invite kids to your wedding

Deciding on having kids at your wedding can be a difficult decision…communicating that to your guest can be just as difficult.

Lets say you have decided not to invite kids to your wedding. Proper etiquette states, the names listed on the inner envelope specify who is invited to the wedding. So, if you do not want to have kids at your wedding, make sure the inner envelope only has the parent’s name.  To help communicate the wedding is an adult reception, you can always use word of mouth or put something on your wedding website.

This is great if your guests are the type of guest how appreciate and follow proper etiquette. There are many times when your guest may not know, or may choose to not follow proper etiquette. There are more direct ways to communicate to your guest who is invited, and more importantly, who is not invited to your wedding.

The best way to be direct is on the response card. This is an area you can afford to be slightly less formal without getting too close to a “tacky” situation. Here are a few ways to word your response card to get your message across –

  • “We invite you to our Adult Only Reception beginning at 5:00”
  • You can add at the bottom of the card “Respectfully an adult reception”
  •  “__ of 2 will be attending” By printing the number of adults that you have invited, you are make it clear how many people should be RSVP-ing
  • “ 2  seats will be reserved for you” Again, simply pre-print how many adults you have invited 

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Googling A Date - Dating Prep

I was recently listening to the radio and they were talking about dating etiquette.  Apparently there is a report out that says googling your date after or before date 1, is considered creepy.....what?? Why would you wait so long to google?

My friend is a master googler. All you need to give her is a first name and maybe a fact about them and she will be able to find out their second grade's first quarter spelling test grade.  Seriously, she should work for the FBI.

While I am nowhere near the expert my friend is, I still do a quick search on people I date, or for that matter even just am meeting with. I don't see how waiting after date 2 or 3 to google someone makes a difference. I wouldn't be creeped out by any means if someone told me they searched me before a date.

You can learn a lot about people from a quick search. My friend found out a guy she was going to go out with was actually married. Another  time she found out a guy may or may not have been involved in a prostitution bust...I think she needs to find somewhere else to meet guys.

Moral of the story - google on, my friends!



Gym Manners

I'm glad everyone is trying to get skinny by summer...But don't be rude.
  • Don't chat on your cell phone.  Texting or emailing is one thing, but no need for business conference calls on the treadmill.
  • Be conscious of how long you are on a machine - I have literally seen fights break out over this at my gym #skinnygirlproblems
  • Please no loud grunting - Its just weird and awkward for everyone.  That goes for workout classes too.
  • And for that matter, no staring
  • Golden Rule = No eye contact ever when someone is on the inner thigh machine!



Be a Good Wedding Guest

“The good guest is almost invisible, enjoying him- or herself, communing with fellow guests, and, most of all, enjoying the generous hospitality of the hosts.” -Emily Post

  • RSVP as soon as you can. Its not a bill, you don't have to wait till the last second to mail it in.
  • Be prompt.  You shouldn't be showing up to the ceremony as the bride is lining up to go down the isle.  
  • Be respectful.  Don't be that guest that everyone is talking about the next day. Its just not cute. Be respectful in your manner and also your attire. Leave the white at home. 
  • Go with the flow. You are a guest at the wedding, just kick back and enjoy yourself! 

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On Wednesdays we Wear Pink - First Job Impressions

"Maybe she feels weird about me because 
I'm the only one that knows about her nose job"

... different type of job

I have a sister who is looking for her sorta first job out of college. She is a Special Education teacher so this is a very hands on, school working environment.  Teaching special needs children is a very hands on job with a lot of playing on the ground with the children.  So that means her work attire can certainly be on the more casual side.  She is not expected to wear a suit and heels to work. Does that mean she shouldn't wear that to an interview?

The answer is absolutely not, she is expected to be wearing a suit to her interview. A Doctor doesn't, or shouldn't, show up to an interview in scrubs.  When you show up to a job interview dressed nicely, you show that you are respecting the job, respecting the people, and taking this job seriously.  It makes a great and lasting impression.