Man-Up Your Wedding

Tired of pink and an overflow of flowers? Time to man-up and start making this wedding about both of you. There are easy ways to "lead" your bride to a more manly wedding.

  • Add a cigar bar 
  • Better yet, make the signature drink something with a masculine twist. Which basically means any drink without an umbrella, tons of fruit, or tons of sugar.
  • Games are an easy way to peak a man's attention and interest. It gives guest something to do during cocktail hour, and it can also give that ever so shy guest an activity to do during a dance set.
  • Have late night comfort food snacks such as pizza or mac and cheese. Not only is it awesome, but it also is a great way to keep your guest guessing till the end.
  • Lastly, try to minimize the decor. Country rustic is a very chic theme right now and can easily appease both the groom and the bride's decor taste.

Groom's Planning Check-List

Wait, the groom has to help with the wedding planning? 

While the list of to-dos for the groom are nowhere near as long as the bride's to-dos, does not mean you get a free pass for the planning process. Being a groom can be simple, if you listen, are respectful, and are a part of the planning.

  • Show up - Both mentally and physically. If you are physically there, either in the conversation or at a meeting, but not listening or participating, you might as well not have even shown up. Your bride has done more research than you can imagine, so show her the respect of listening and appreciating all she has done.
  • Pick your battles - There will be an aspect of the wedding that will be important to you (think bar and band). Those are the arguments worth having. Do you care what color the floral centerpieces are? Make a list of your top priorities and communicate that to your bride. 
  • Be helpful - Many grooms won't know how to be helpful, so let's make it simple: just ask. Ask your bride or your family what you can do to be helpful. By simply asking, you are showing you care and want to help. This will score many points for you!

Any past grooms have other helpful hints?