Fitness February!

Trying to get wedding ready? Here are our top 5 Instagram accounts we follow for a quick, effective, workout to do at home that will help you with your wedding fitness plan!

  • @tonitup - We have been following these girls since we first saw them on Bravo! They have fun personalities and a significant collection of workouts that challenge the body. Great to see how they can help you follow your wedding fitness plan and get wedding ready.
  • @beahappyamy - For those who like a good yoga challenge, she is the person for you! The things you can do by controlling your body is amazing! Nothing says wedding ready like strong arms.
  • @sydneystrengthconditioning - This girl is awesome! She has great body weight and body movement ideas that are easy to add to your workout. You can't be afraid of a challenge!
  • @vivenutrition - This Instagram is all about how to properly fuel the body. Working out is part of the deal, but the food is the other side of getting wedding ready.
  • @mattsmithperformance - He is an up and coming local Washington, DC trainer who is specializing in getting couples ready for their wedding! He customizes workouts to fit the needs of each client.