5 Winter Wedding Planning Tips

  1. It's cold! Don't forget to get winter accessories such as a beautiful stole. And don't worry, it doesn't have to be white! That goes for your bridesmaids as well.
  2. And while we are on winter accessories, make sure your reception venue has a good coat check system.
  3. Keep the weather in mind when planning the location of the ceremony and reception. Especially with the unpredictable weather, try to keep everything in a central location.
  4. Winter pictures come out amazing, but don't forget to think of daylight when planning out the timeline of your wedding. It gets dark much earlier in the winter, so plan accordingly.
  5. Flowers are expensive and can be difficult to get in the winter, but if you play into the winter theme, there are many good options out there. Keep an open mind when make decisions about flowers.