Man-Up Your Wedding

Tired of pink and an overflow of flowers? Time to man-up and start making this wedding about both of you. There are easy ways to "lead" your bride to a more manly wedding.

  • Add a cigar bar 
  • Better yet, make the signature drink something with a masculine twist. Which basically means any drink without an umbrella, tons of fruit, or tons of sugar.
  • Games are an easy way to peak a man's attention and interest. It gives guest something to do during cocktail hour, and it can also give that ever so shy guest an activity to do during a dance set.
  • Have late night comfort food snacks such as pizza or mac and cheese. Not only is it awesome, but it also is a great way to keep your guest guessing till the end.
  • Lastly, try to minimize the decor. Country rustic is a very chic theme right now and can easily appease both the groom and the bride's decor taste.