Wedding Traditions on Their Way Out

  • Avoiding White - In the past, one of the biggest wedding no-no's was wearing white to someone's wedding. Just like wearing black to a wedding, I am finding avoiding white is starting to become a trend of the past. During the summer months, I see a minimum of 2-3 guest in white.
  • Garter Toss - While this use to be a wedding staple, think 1980's big hair, this tradition is seen less and less. I would say out of all of the weddings we plan each year, there is only 1 wedding who still plans a garter toss.
  • Cake Cutting - At one time, this tradition use to take place on center stage with all eyes on the couple. Now the cake cutting is done off to the side if at all.  Saving the top layer of the cake to celebrate the one-year anniversary is certainly on the way out.

What other traditions do you see making its way out the door?