How to NOT invite kids to your wedding

Deciding on having kids at your wedding can be a difficult decision…communicating that to your guest can be just as difficult.

Lets say you have decided not to invite kids to your wedding. Proper etiquette states, the names listed on the inner envelope specify who is invited to the wedding. So, if you do not want to have kids at your wedding, make sure the inner envelope only has the parent’s name.  To help communicate the wedding is an adult reception, you can always use word of mouth or put something on your wedding website.

This is great if your guests are the type of guest how appreciate and follow proper etiquette. There are many times when your guest may not know, or may choose to not follow proper etiquette. There are more direct ways to communicate to your guest who is invited, and more importantly, who is not invited to your wedding.

The best way to be direct is on the response card. This is an area you can afford to be slightly less formal without getting too close to a “tacky” situation. Here are a few ways to word your response card to get your message across –

  • “We invite you to our Adult Only Reception beginning at 5:00”
  • You can add at the bottom of the card “Respectfully an adult reception”
  •  “__ of 2 will be attending” By printing the number of adults that you have invited, you are make it clear how many people should be RSVP-ing
  • “ 2  seats will be reserved for you” Again, simply pre-print how many adults you have invited