Tinder Date...Is that a Thing?

Married people love to tell me about new ways I can find my one true love (full list of married couple complaints to come later...sorry friends). Tinder is apparently the newest way to get dates.

Tinder is apparently this new app that you put in your location and you can see other "cool" people around you. Many of my friends do it because it's fun, slide left no thanks you're a super ugo and slide right means you'd hook up with them (maybe I have my directions wrong, I'm dyslexic). Of said friends, some have even gone on tinder dates.  No, none of them ended up in happily ever after, but also no bones were made into wind chimes. As I am no longer in my young 20s, based on my families' weekly observations, and I find that players I use to coached are now entering my bar scene. That is the one and only reason you will not see me sliding left or right. I see one kid there that was in high school when I was a coach and I will immediately throw-up in my mouth. No thanks Tinder, I don't need an app to reject me, I like the old fashion reject texts.