Pre-Wedding Skin Care: Do's and Don'ts Part 2

Things to remember NOT to do:

NEVER use a body lotion on your face. 

Even in the winter, it is still important to use SPF, try to make sure the moisturizer is in your facial cream or get a SPF from Khiel’s (which offers a light-weight, non-greasy SPF you can add to your moisturizer). 

 No ZINC only products or you will look like a Ghost in pictures.

 Layer your lip conditioner under your lip products.

Things to do REGULARLY leading up to your wedding:

PLEASE- wax or thread regularly so your skin is used to it 

Wax or thread 1 week prior to your wedding and pluck any random hairs that grow in closer to the date.

Facials to help with any troubled areas and texture.

Be very careful with any topical skin treatments like chemical peels, botox, etc too close to your wedding. 

Yours in Beauty,