Pre-Wedding Skin Care Part 1

Engagement ring of your dreams: check. 

Wedding date picked: check

Dress: Check

Skincare: ????

Let me be your guide to preparing your skin for a big day filled with a trillion pictures of you and your groom to be! 

First of all, you must-must-must apply eye cream and moisturizer that is appropriate for your skin type and the current season. when you experience the change that announces the arrival of cool air, you must adjust your skin care. Put away your summer skin care. When fall and winter roll around, the air lacks the moisture and humidity that makes up summer air. This type of air lives to drink the moisture out of your skin. If your facial lotion is not heavy enough then, it will chap your skin and make it feel extra tight/dry.

Let me explain:

▪    If your skin is extra tight when you get out of the shower, feels like it is gonna crack, has dry patches, or generally has a flakey feel to it; you have DRY skin.

▪    If your skin is oily in the t-zone (a cross in the middle of your face including nose, forehead, chin, cheeks) and semi-dry around the perimeter of your face, and feels pretty soft on a regular basis; you have NORMAL/COMBO skin.

▪    If your skin is consistently oily all over, skin/make-up gets shiny within 2-3 hours of wear, and you have more frequent breakouts especially in the t-zone; you have OILY skin.

There is a possibility of each skin type having a condition of sensitivity and dehydration. Sensitivity is when the skin reacts negatively to products, sunlight, brushes, etc. YOU ARE ALL NOT SENSITIVE because your skin reacted once to a product. Sensitivity can only be diagnosed by a Dermatologist or an Esthetician. Dehydration is when the surface level of skin is flaky and lacking moisture, but the deeper levels of skin are still one of the three skin types. Dehydration can be cured by using the correct cleanser and moisturizer for you skin, and exfoliating! Favorite exfoliator is Volcanic Ash by MAC, and my girlfriends (whom which I make try all these goodies) can attest to how amazing this exfoliator is.

After you choose the right cleanser, moisturizer, eye cream, and exfoliator for your skin type, you can move on to a primer. Primers are used as a protectant your skin from outside elements, smooth out texture in skin, and help adhere your make-up.

Don’t forget that you must-must-must wear lip conditioner regularly!! I cannot stress how hard the elements are on your lips especially. My top favorites are MAC Lip Conditioner Tube, EOS, and Nivea Deep Renewal. 

Here’s a few skin tips to keep in mind:

Chin Acne and breakouts are associated with intense hormonal imbalance. You must consult a dermatologist to get the proper medicine to ingest to reduce the over produced hormone and get your skin back to normal. You can use a topical spot treatment like Murad Acne Spot Treatment, but do not over use it! 

Besides heredity, your under eye circles can be directly related to disease and allergies.

For puffiness, you can use an eye cream with caffeine to reduce the puffy or irittated feeling. 

Yours in Beauty,