Modern Man Tips

Many "old fashion" rules are cute in theory, but come off as creepy in reality.  So what is a man to do, how should he behave? There is a modern twist to all Emily Post rules.  I know most men will not take the time to read this paragraph so I keep my modern man "suggestions" in bullet points for your ADD reading pleasure.


  • Shower
  • Be Honest
  • Listen
  • Hold the door (all of them)
  • Walk Curb Side
  • Watch your Temper
  • Offer a Seat
  • Hold the Umbrella
  • Take Charge (respectfully)
  • Respect EVERYONE
  • Wear clothes that fit 


  • Ask someone if they are pregnant
  • Wear crocs
  • Use emoticons (ok that one might just be a personal pet peeve)
  • Text a girl at 2am
  • Worry about waiting 3 days to call a girl